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Receiver for the TGY-i6 and TGY-i10 transmitters. This full 10 channel receiver works for most models and is considered a "full range" so it can handle larger models as well as the smaller ones. Built in connections allow you to use our optional telemetry sensors. Dual antennas give the iA10 for unparalleled reception. Easy binding, light weight, optional telemetry, dual antennas, what else could you ask for? 

• Reliable, interference free 2.4GHz AFHDS 2A signal operation
• Ultra light weight design
• Dual antennas for most reliable interference free operation
• Connection ports for use with optional telemtry sensors

iA10 Receiver Specs:
Channel: 10 
Frequency: 2.4g ISM Frequency Range
RF Power: < 20dBM
Power: 4.0V~6.5V
Working Current: 240mA
Net Weight: 30g
Dimensions: 47x33x15mm
Range: > 500 meters



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